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Hello! My name is Leo, and I'm a co-founder/CTO/developer in London, recently from the mountains of Bilbao and Finland.

I strive to constantly learn, contribute, deliver good software on-time, use best practices, deepen my understanding of principles, design patterns, pickup latest technologies and thoughtfully choose tools while coding everyday.

Buzzwords are only good for the mnemonics and acronyms they represent.

I JuiceSSH to turn my boiler on via the Raspberry Pi.


Since grammar school for the past 9 years, I've created opportunities to work with companies alongside some talented people; but ever since my BSc (Hons) Computer Science, I've been curiously addicted to web development.

I have a few core skills including HTML5, CSS3, Vanilla JavaScript, Bootstrap 3/4, Vanilla PHP. I also like Angular 2/4 (+ CLI + TypeScript).

Along with agile software development, the LEAN startup and working with remote teams. I use things like Git Bash and DevTools daily.

Some APIs I've worked with: IBM Alchemy API with authentication beforehand with cURL; Text Razor API with phpQuery to scrape DOM content through paginated pages; Bootstrap modal forms to send emails with SendGrid API; some fun Spotify API and oAuth 2.0).

I've created wireframes (Balsamiq) and like design (Adobe Illustrator) too, and PhotoFiltre (banners).

Why me?

From day 1, I've kept it simple. No shortcuts. HTML, then Bootstrap. CSS, then SASS. Vanilla JS, then jQuery. Procedural, then OO. MySQLi, then PDO. Vanilla PHP, now open to frameworks. MVC, then Angular. Building, then Git. Painfully re-writing overwritten Git code, to regularly backing up.

I've made the mistakes; but more importantly - corrected them with best practises: user stories, coding conventions, consistency, commits... you name it. Most are not set in stone, so I remain flexible and adapt - Master League Zerg in the making.

I do things 1 by 1. Even used to believe multi-tasking was efficient. In Canary, my tab = my Window <3

I enjoy choosing solutions from Stack Overflow; it's an opportunity to analyse, adapt, debug then necropost up-to-date answer with latest practises.

The internet has helped me beyond words that it's a joy to contribute back. You can find me on Slant, preserving human eyes with User Styles themes, Monorail/ProductForums and more.

Months of 3hr daily commutes later, I now wake up everyday refreshed and happy. I drank water for breakfast and lunch for 2 years for my health, including a 10-day water fast. I try to continue to live a diet mostly free from: wheat, yeast, gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine or E numbers. All this extra quality time and energy goes into what I like to do - writing good software and effective communication.

💪 Commitment + Willpower 👌


I'm available for remote work, so do get in touch:
leo AT  

How I put this together